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About company

Pharmaceutical company “Global Pharm” was established in 2005. The company has launched its first major steps in a small team of 5 people, but with hard work and well defined policies the team has achieved major success on local pharmaceutical market.

Company “Global Pharm” successfully carries out distribution of medicine on Georgian market as well as works closely with a number of pharmacies, clinics and pharmaceutical bases. Company “Global Pharm” imports medicine to Georgia from such companies as: World Medicine and World Medicine Ophthalmics, whose representatives were established in Georgia since 2005 and company Rotapharm- whose representatives established on local market since 2008 and Dr.Sertus –established on 17 of July, 2013.

Company that started its business with 5 medicine brands, has actively increased its product list and quality service development with good balanced prices achieved trust among customers. Its service sphere is increasing as well as number of employees. We conduct trainings and re-trainings programs for our employees, which includes high service aspects, complete and detail consultation and information delivery to the customer.

This has led to the success of the company listed above as well as commitment of each of our professional employee. We are one “big family” called Global Pharm.  

Our Team